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About D-ASH

I am punctual and a professional, there is no doubt about it. I find inspiration from different forms of art, whether it be the dream renditions from Surrealist painter, Salvador Dali, to the "Golden Turkey Award" winner Edward Davis Wood Jr with his filmography of low-budget films during the 1950s.

I believe curiosity is such an important characteristic when engaging with art and design, this quality defines my approach to every project.

My thirst for knowledge and the opportunity to grow is the catalyst to my success.

"Working with Damian on "The Torque Show" is a joy in every aspect, professional, polished, anticipatory, insightful and productive. Every week Damian shares creative ideas to better the info segment on the show and always delivers an excellent service. I highly recommend Damian to anyone who would ask."

Suri Smit

Suri Smit

Presenter and producer for "The Torque Show"

Latest Projects

mannequin (female) striking a pose with paint brush effects.

OH SEW ME – Purely For You

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